Victorian Villains

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This is the logo for Candlelight Theatre, depicting a lit candelabra with an opera-style mask leaning against its base. Next to the illustration is some serif font that reads, candlelight theatre.
Graphic illustration for the Victorian Villains postcard. The illustration shows a seemingly crazed man grabbing an unsuspecting woman's shoulder and preparing to stab her in the back with a short blade. Text on the postcard reads,
Photograph of two candlelight theatre actors in the middle of a performance. On the right is a male actor, screaming in agony as a rolling pin protrudes from his bleeding arm. On the left is a woman wearing a bonnet and apron who seems shocked at the gory sight.
Photograph of a candlelight theatre actor. The character leans over a children's horse rocker toy, with one hand on its saddle and one hand on its chest.
Photo of three candlelight theatre actors in the middle of a performance. The photo depicts Sherlock holmes and Watson in a dark room. Holmes holds a pipe in his hand, and wears an expression of surprise as watson looks onward with a magnifying glass. Unbeknownst to them, there is a woman dressed in red behind them with a candlestick, preparing to attack them.
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Victorian Villains | October 2017

In October 2017, the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site was unexpectedly beset by a host of history’s most villainous villains. Just when the world thought it was rid of Lizzie Borden, Sweeney Todd, H.H. Holmes and Jack the Ripper, a local team of crime scene investigators discovered a nefarious plot to bring them back to life!

In this frightful performance of Victorian Villains, guests partnered with their crime scene handler to uncover the sordid tales of the villains. Patrons faced these fiendish creators of chaos and carnage, so that we could learn from their twisted and tormented minds to protect society as we know it!

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