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5 Things You’ll Learn on Our New Podcast

By Alexis Price July 2. 2020 You read that right. The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site has started a new podcast. Six Degrees of Benjamin Harrison relays stories of our 23rd president and reveals connections—to topics like immigration, …

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Nursery in 3D

Take a spin around the room!

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Resources for Students (and Parents) While Learning at Home

by Alexis Price March 24, 2020   The Presidential Site may be closed right now, along with our nation’s schools, but that doesn’t mean the learning stops. Many of you may be adjusting to e-learning or homeschooling for …

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Photograph of volunteers at the Presidential Site for Indy Do Day. There are sixteen people posing for a photo outside of the welcome center.

Q&A with Indy Do Day Co-Chair Jenny Dexter

by Alexis Price September 24, 2018 From September 27 to 29, Indianapolis residents will have the opportunity to participate in the annual Indy Do Day. This year, about 30,000 Indianapolis residents can get to know their neighbors …

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Logo for Croquet Roquet, a Benjamin Harrison presidential site event. The logo depicts two croquet mallets crossing each other, with a ball covering where the mallets overlap.

6 Reasons You Should Check Out Croquet Roquet

by Alexis Price September 27, 2018 Our annual Croquet Roquet is a week away, but it’s not too late to register! Need a little more convincing? We have six reasons why you should check out Croquet Roquet …

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Graphic image of the white house circa 1890. Text reads: The White House of Horrors by James Trofatter, October 12, 13, 19, 20, 27, 28

The (White) House of Horrors:
Who is Candlelight Theatre?

The (White) House of Horrors: Who is Candlelight Theatre? October 11, 2018 Candlelight Theatre, formerly known at Victorian Theatre by Candlelight, produces four plays in partnership with the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site every year. This season begins …

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Graphic image of the white house circa 1890. Text reads: The White House of Horrors by James Trofatter, October 12, 13, 19, 20, 27, 28

The (White) House of Horrors: And
Other Presidential Ghost Stories

October 15, 2018 This season, the Presidential Site hosts spirits of six presidents grappling with the same curse, a ghost who conspired to assassinate the 16th president, and the apparition of a first lady with some …

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This photo of John and Elizabeth Harrison depicts the couple sitting shoulder to shoulder, in dark clothing. They look toward the camera with a stern expression. John's hair is slightly long and neatly combed, and Elizabeth's hair is covered by a bonnet.

The Grave Robbing of Benjamin Harrison’s Father

October 31, 2018 John Scott Harrison, father of 23rd President Benjamin Harrison, passed away on May 25, 1878. Four days later, he was buried at this resting place near Augustus Devin, Benjamin’s 23-year-old nephew who had died …

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Photo of Roger Hardig teaching a group of school kids.

Q&A with our VP of Education Roger Hardig

by Alexis Price November 5, 2018 He has been involved with the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site for about 25 years. He started as a weekend docent when he attended the IUPUI School of Education. After a year …

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Photograph of a red headed female leading a classroom of students.

Teachers and Students Share Stories About the Presidential Site

by Alexis Price November 19, 2018 The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site offers a wide variety of education initiatives, from in-classroom visits to on-site tours to programs like Future Presidents of America. Read a few first-hand accounts from …

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Photo of Martha, president of the volunteer board. She is dressed in white, outdoors during a presidential site event in the spring.

From First Grade Teacher to President of the Volunteer Board

by Alexis Price November 30, 2018 Martha Buehner taught first graders for 43 years. In her last 15 years as an educator, she would bring her students on a field trip to the Presidential Site. Martha …

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This photograph features Benjamin Harrison merchandise, including a tote bag sporting an illustration of Benjamin Harrison's face, a plush of Benjamin Harrison's pet goat, Old Whiskers, and a children's book about Old Whisker's escape.

7 Gifts for Every Person in Your Life

by Alexis Price December 13, 2018 Get this bundle Harrison tote bag, stuffed goat, and Old Whiskers Escapes! for just $40. Christmas is less than two weeks away and let’s be honest — you haven’t completed …

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Image of a blank calendar for the month of January. It is mostly white with a blue theme.

Planning your 2019 Social Calendar

by Alexis Price January 15, 2019 Whether a new year means a new you, or you’re back at it with the same old tricks, the Presidential Site has an event for you. Check out our comprehensive guide …

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Photo of curator emily hannawalt. in the photo, she can be seen sitting at a desk with a hammer and other tools. she is framing several paintings using white corners, which are haphazardly lying on each other while a pile of paintings is neatly stacked nearby.

Q&A with our 2018 Curatorial Fellow, Emily Hanawalt

by Alexis Price January 19, 2019 Over the past five months, the Presidential Site’s 2018 Curatorial Fellow Emily Hanawalt has been developing our Presidential Humor exhibit. In less than a week, Hanawalt will showcase her work as …

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Photo of Belva Lockwood, dressed darkly with small white frills at the neck. Her hair is loosely bunned and braided with a black hairpin. She intensely looks out of frame, to the right of the photographer.

6 Bold, Unstoppable Women in Benjamin Harrison’s Life

by Alexis Price May 13, 2019 MuseumWeek, an international social media event, will take place May 13 -19 this year. The official website states this week is dedicated to, “bringing together cultural institutions from all over the world …

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Photograph of people playing croquet on the lawn of the Presidential Site, all dressed in white on a warm sunny day.

Recapping Wicket World of Croquet 2019

by Alexis Price June 6, 2019 Saturday, June 1, the Presidential Site hosted the 25th annual Wicket World of Croquet. More than 200 people came out to play croquet, sip drinks from Sun King Brewery and Hotel …

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Painting of Benjamin Harrison during his service in the civil war, adorned with union colors and his signature beard. He is gripping a sword and on horseback. Pictured in front of a beige background.

8 Halloween Costumes Inspired by Benjamin Harrison

by Alexis Price October 11, 2019 Whether you’re an adult looking for a costume with a historical edge, or stumped about an idea for your kiddo, we have you covered this Halloween. Here is our comprehensive list …

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Photograph of students in the Harrison library. The photo features nine students standing with their hands formally folded at the front.

Giving A Future

“Future Presidents of America taught me so many things that I utilize every day.” -Rachel M., class of 2018 Future Presidents of America is an innovative and engaging youth leadership camp with a mission of developing …

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Etching image of Harrison reading the paper. Pictured behind him is his music box with a deer skull resting on its same table.


Explore rich articles and behind-the-scenes features about the Presidential Site’s exhibits, events, outreach, announcements, and more.     5 Things You’ll Learn on Our New Podcast | July 2, 2020 You read that right. The Benjamin Harrison Presidential …

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