Giving A Future

Photograph of students listening to a speaker.
Photo of a small crowd of people having a discussion near the statehouse during the summer. They are surrounded by leafy green trees.
Photograph of students participating in an etiquette class.
Photograph of a group of people cheerily gathered for a photo on the porch of the benjamin harrison home. The photo contains around twenty people, some of which are throwing their arms up in celebration.
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Tomorrow's leaders

Giving a Future

“Future Presidents of America taught me so many things that I utilize every day.” -Rachel M., class of 2018

Future Presidents of America is an innovative and engaging youth leadership camp with a mission of developing individual confidence, civic literacy, and good citizenship to reveal the exceptional qualities of character that make for great presidents and leaders. In just one week, students take part in classes, lectures, and hands-on activities with professionals from across the city of Indianapolis.

As a 501c(3) that receives no direct federal support, we are dedicated to increasing public understanding of, appreciation for, and participation in the American system of self-government through the life stories, arts, and culture of an American President. This program is a direct reflection of our mission and one of the brightest aspects of our work.

Your support of Future Presidents of America has direct and immediate impact- helping the Presidential Site bring in prominent civic leaders and community members to teach and interact with our young leaders. Your support also has a lasting affect- the lessons and skills our Future Presidents learn stay with them as they grow into engaged, civically-minded young adults.

“While my time in FPA only lasted a week, its impact will surely last me a lifetime.” -Maggie S., class of 2017


Thank you for joining us in giving a future to the next generation of America’s leaders.

Give a Future

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