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Annual Report

2017 was an amazing year at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site!

As we reflect upon 2017, we are reminded of how truly exceptional this place is. Thousands of school children every year are exploring, absorbing and experiencing the legacy of an American president who personally dedicated himself to public service and embodied many of the highest traits of leadership.

We’re doing important work together, and this year exemplifies the bright opportunities we have yet before us. Our In Pursuit of State Pride initiative has served thousands of economically-challenged students from across Marion county, meeting over 30 state education standards in a one day field trip and giving them access to historic resources otherwise outside their school’s budgets. Future Presidents of America youth leadership camp continues to build individual confidence, civic literacy, and good citizenship by engaging students in a series of lectures, debates, and hands-on encounters with United States culture and history—and it has an opportunity in the coming year to become a national model of success. The new Harrison documentary, A President at the Crossroads, has aired to hundreds of thousands of households across Indiana and beyond. Our innovative 3D initiative is attracting interest from coast to coast. And programs like the Mary Tucker Jasper Speaker Series continues to raise our national profile. As Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb said at the Advancing American Democracy Awards this October:

“I have served on the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site Board of Directors since 2015 because I believe in the mission: to share the life stories, arts and culture of an American President to increase public participation in the American system of self-government. Civic engagement is a necessity for democracy and cultivating an engaged citizenry is a hallmark of the Presidential Site. There is no work more important today than educating our children about the American system of self-government. By sharing the remarkable stories of our country’s past, our youngest citizens are better prepared for its future. The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site bears this torch for good citizenship like no other, helping light the fire in the hearts of a new generation.”

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